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Fun with Paints – Acrylic Pours

I am very grateful to note that the dryer, hot water tank, chimney and furnace I mentioned in my last post have all been repaired and/or replaced.  Yay! But my sewing machines, fabrics, and tools have yet to be unpacked and sorted out.  (They will be soon – I just haven’t had time!) Meanwhile, I […]

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Celtic Mixed Media Quilting Quilts

Journal Quilts with Celtic Knotwork

To me, Journal Quilting is a handy shorthand way to describe quilting as a vehicle for personal reflection and expression. Although I impose no size restrictions on myself, the pieces are generally on the smaller side, which better lends itself to a sense of immediacy. I often incorporate 3 dimensional elements, hand beading, hand painting, or […]

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Color & Value Mixed Media Quilts Reviews Technique Tutorials

Fun with Fabric Paints

Getting started: It’s important to think about how you expect to use your fabric.  If you intend to create “art cloth” to mat and frame like a painting, or to serve as the main focal point of a quilt or wall hanging, your needs may be quite different than they would be if you intend […]

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Mixed Media Reviews

Fun with Cloth Dolls & Figurative Art

Although I make my living primarily by designing, teaching, and writing about contemporary quiltmaking, I’ve become a most enthusiastic dollmaker and mixed-media and surface design enthusiast, as well. I find working with the figure (human or non-human) to be very therapeutic, as well as lots of fun. Although my quilts are all original designs, at […]

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Fabric Mosaic postcard
Mixed Media Technique Tutorials

Mosaic Fabric

I’ve always been fascinated with the interplay of color, value and visual texture of mosaics, especially those created by artists such as Sonia King. Back in 1997, a book called Machine Embroidery: Stitched Patterns by Valerie Campbell-Harding was published by Quilters’ Resource Inc. The cover photos fascinated me – mosaics in fabric! There wasn’t a […]

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2013 Zen-Tangle
Machine Quilting Mixed Media Quilting Sewing

Finished Is More Important Than Perfect

Finished is more important than perfect. Anyone who has participated in one of my classes or Demo Days at Lakeshore Sewing has probably heard me say this – it’s one of my favorite mantras when teaching. The second part goes like this: The more you finish, the closer to perfect you’ll get. It’s generally true, […]

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