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When health challenges made hand-sewing (and hand appliqué and hand-quilting) no longer physically viable for her, Beth Ann’s first instinct was dismay and discouragement. But Grandma Baldwin gave her a loving (but stern!) “No pity parties – just figure out a different way.” So Beth Ann turned to her trusty sewing machine and began devising ways to achieve the fine quality appliqué look she craved faster and easier than she ever thought possible. And a career was born! Now Beth Ann enjoys sharing her accessible “invisible” machine appliqué and creative machine quilting techniques with other quilters and fiber artists around the world.
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Testing My Quilt Marking Tools

What should I use to mark my quilt? This seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions in the quilting community – and sometimes, one of the most controversial. The short answer is whatever gives you results that please you. But who wants to spend a lot of money on tools that may […]

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Making a Rope Bowl or Basket

There’s no single “right” way to make a rope bowl. In fact, if you search for tutorials online, you’ll be inundated with a wide variety of approaches. Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few different methods; the tips and techniques I’m sharing today are some of my favorites. For this project, I started with […]

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Stay Stitching is Your Friend!

I’m thrilled that so many of you are enjoying my latest FREEBIE!  But I’m finding there is one line in the printable Fabric to Finished Quilt checklist that some of you are wondering about. What is stay stitching? Why is it recommended? In this specific example, stay stitching is running a single line of stitches around the entire […]

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Easy & Elegant Echo Quilting

Machine quilting doesn’t need to be fussy, difficult, or complicated to be effective (Although over-the-top quilting can certainly be gorgeous!) One of my favorite techniques that is also super-easy and beginner-friendly is echo quilting. Echo quilting is simply choosing a seam in a pieced quilt or the edge of an appliquéd shape and stitching parallel […]

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Evaluating Relative Values

I’m getting ready to teach my Color Gets the Credit but Value does the Work class at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I thought it might be helpful to post a quick overview of the methods I recommend for evaluating the relative value of the fabrics in your quilt or other project. […]

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My Favorite FREE Apps for Quilters

Do you have a favorite app on your phone or tablet? I confess that I love listening to recorded books when I’m sewing and playing word games when I’m feeling antsy, but there are two apps in particular that I thought you might enjoy, too. Even better – they’re both FREE! And they are both […]

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Fun with Fussy-Cutting

I’ve been working on a new bed quilt lately; and as I’ve been cutting my fabric, I’m starting to accumulate quite a pile of new scraps. I started setting some of the scraps to one side. I had an idea… Fussy-cutting is a fun way to feature a specific design or motif in a fabric […]

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My Top 5 Specialty Presser Feet for Quilters
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My Top 5 Specialty Presser Feet for Quilters

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way to keep a consistent quarter inch seam allowance, appliqué by machine, or machine quilt without worrying about ripples or tucks in your finished quilt? Do you ever find yourself wandering in and out of the ditch when stitching in the ditch? If you answered “yes” […]

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A Few of My Most-Used Tools & Notions for “Invisible” Machine Appliqué

(Updated Dec. 25, 2023) With new sessions of The Magic of Invisible Machine Appliqué, Create Your Own Quilted Landscape, and the Celtic Blessings Quilt Invisible Machine Appliqué classes coming up in my online shop, I thought it might be a good time to share a few of my most-used (and most asked-about) tools and notions. […]

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The Heatwave Quilt & Bringing Back Continuous Curve Machine Quilting

I recently had the opportunity to test another fun pattern from Tied with a Ribbon – the Heatwave Quilt. I haven’t really played much with equilateral triangles in the past, so I was eager to try something new. And it did not disappoint! You can read about my adventures constructing this quilt with the aid […]

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