Colorwash Bargello – Sewing the Vertical Rows

This is the sixth in a series of sew/quilt-along posts about making a bargello quilt.

I’m following the Cascade pattern from Colorwash Bargello Quilts.

We’re on the home stretch!

The vertical rows have all been numbered and are ready to sew. Just like before, I start with a small piece of “header” fabric in my machine, stitch across it, take a stitch or two on “air” and then (without raising the presser foot), slide my first set of strips under the presser foot.

I sew all of the strips into sets of 2, always first checking the numbers at the top of each strip to make sure the strips are in the correct order and orientation. 

Checking the numbers at the top of each strip before sewing them together

The horizontal seams should “nest” against each other. I watch from the side and “finger pin” as I go, but you can use regular pins if you prefer.

I sew in a continuous chain until all of the vertical strips are in sets of two.

Again, just like earlier, I first press from the back to “set” the stitches before flipping the strip set over and opening up the seam. This time all of the seam allowances will be pressed in the same direction – toward the higher number.

Setting the stitches

Opening up the seam and pressing the seam allowances toward the higher number

The next step is to sew the sets of 2 strips into sets of 4, followed by pressing, then sets of 8, and so on.

Sets of 2 (in progress)

Sets of 4

All of the seam allowances are pressed in the same direction

Final stage – all of the vertical rows have been sewn together

The body of the quilt top is complete!

The next step will be borders…

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